R.S. Pereus is an emerging force in the marketing, sales, business, and entrepreneurial space. 

This site is dedicated to connecting the world to Ryan and his thoughts, techniques, strategies, and once in awhile, wisdom. For a little more 411 on Ryan, here is a quick stat sheet:

  • Driven, entrepreneur
  • Grew his sales development business over 1000% from year 2015-2018 and from 3 staff members to 18. 
  • Once an NCAA soccer player
  • Really, really good at prospecting & hunting (ask how)
  • Has written over 2000 sales scripts for companies
  • Has worked with over 500 businesses to improve their sales development and lead flow
  • Life hacker
  • Cuts his own hair (for the last 7 years)
  • Grad school drop out (although maintained a 4.0 GPA)
If you look at the facts, there are more strengths than weaknesses. We recommend Ryan for your team. 

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