Ryan S. Pereus is an emerging force in the marketing, sales development, sales profession, and entrepreneurship space. 

This site is dedicated to connecting the world to Ryan and his thoughts, techniques, strategies, and once in awhile, wisdom. For a little more 411 on Ryan, here is a quick stat sheet:

  • Driven, entrepreneur
  • Grew his sales development outsourcing business (SHP) from $0 to $1mm+ in revenue from 2017 thru 2019 with no investors. 
  • Clients have been the likes of Amerisource Bergen, Uber, Moen, and The Economist 
  • Knack for prospecting
  • Has written over 3000 sales scripts for companies
  • Has worked with over 1500 businesses to improve their sales development and lead flow
  • Once an NCAA soccer player
  • Life hacker
  • Cuts his own hair
  • Grad school drop out                                                      


To learn more about what Ryan P has been up to, we recommend checking out the About Me, Blog page, or follow his social media via Instagram or Twitter