Less than 3% of Colleges & Universities have a Sales Degree

As of 2017, less than 3% of colleges and universities had a sales degree. Why? #sales is so underdeveloped, that we are still at the phase of #salesleaders and moguls to depend on for so much of our professional education in sales.

No wonder in today’s world there is such a shortage of salespeople, shifts in sales vocabulary, process, and thought, and  – we were never raised to believe sales is profession we could pursue.

I grew up in Toledo, Ohio, 1 mile from the University of Toledo. Little did I know, UT was one of the first colleges to have a sales degree. I wish I would have known that as I was canvassing door to door in the neighborhood across the street.

Sales education is so important, and the right education. Old school sales tactics are actually good in theory, but for the wrong reasons. Movies like Boiler Room or Wolf of Wall Street depict sales talent, but not positive sales morals, philosophy, and customer satisfaction. The origin of a slimy salesperson starts here, and iterates itself into forms such as greasy used car sales man.

At my company, Pereus Marketing (RPMC), we help businesses increase their leads by accelerating their sales development via cold calling and inside sales outsourcing. One of the most interesting thing I have learned is how much sales education for our clients is an important part of our process and a vital factor to the success of our clients campaigns. 

Many of our clients outsource because they don’t have time or don’t like it, but many have us do it because they don’t know how. And guess what, it’s not just about knowing how to cold call, but knowing how to sell, period. This creates an interesting challenge for us because not only are we teaching them about cold calling and how we will do it, but we also in turn educate them on the process AFTER they get a lead. Did they connect with them on LinkedIn? Did they add them to a drip campaign? Did they send them something in the mail? Did they confirm the appointment? All these touches need to happen for so many reasons; but wouldn’t you know, they all rarely happen! 

Lack of sales education is an epidemic. How will you contribute to teaching the world about sales?

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