Ryan P Bio

Ryan S. Pereus started his first business (Pereus Marketing) after a 3 year hiatus from his sales and management career to pursue his dream to play pro soccer. How did it go? 

US Open Cup Ryan Pereus vs West Chester
Ryan Pereus debuts as captain with Danubia FC in 2019 US Open Cup

A failure. Even after great lengths, he came up short. Ryan played in the NCAA as a 28 year old, played in 2 semi-pro leagues including the NPSL and the Mainland Football League in New Zealand, and still couldn’t hack it. 

Ryan had a backup though. A Plan B – A business of course. With a background and passion in sales & management and knack for entrepreneurship, Ryan P created Pereus Marketing – a consulting firm dedicated to bringing humanity and trust back to the sales profession. Ryan started offering sales consulting and freelancing work by offering custom written sales copy for $5. Yes, $5!!!  

The goal was to provide his human-to-human angle on sales methodologies based on two major threats facing the sales profession. After experiencing and living through organizations and leadership with poor sales ethics that have left buyers jaded, he thought he could change the perception by establishing trust while maintaining high performing results. He also found the digital marketing revolution in the early 2000s threatened sales positions and services that utilized voice to voice or person to person interaction to conjure up new business relationships. The human to human sales and marketing message was the answer to fill the gap from stagnated digital marketing pipelines and diffusing the salesperson stigma to build trust again with prospects and with the marketplace.

The mission was then translated into tangible products and services. The custom script copy service led to professional event sales management, event marketing outsourcing, inside sales development outsourcing, prospecting list building, and sales operations support services.

This mission matched with market need, Superhuman Prospecting (SHP) was born. SHP is an outsourced, sales development services company servicing companies B2B and B2C with USA based client sales development reps with US American accents. SHP started with just 3 people, and has grown since its service inception in 2017 to 35 employees across the nation, headquartered out of Norristown, PA as of Summer 2020. 

Ryan’s work isn’t just about advancing the sales profession and building trust back in the marketplace for sales people. Topics surrounding organizational leadership, management, purpose, and life are all a part of his contribution to help others grow personally, professionally, and as a human being. You can follow his thought stream here on his website as a hub, or on any of his social media pages.