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Non In-Person Communication

When using text and voice only to communicate, remember to communicate clearly unlike Key and Peele:

If 55% of communication is body language in-person, the rest is tone or words you say! When typing, 100% of communication is from words you use!

Yesterday in our all staff meeting, we talked about text communication confusion. Here is how we broke it down to come up with solutions:

1) What can go wrong?

  • *no emotion unless explicit
  • *“Okay” is difficult to interpret
  • *language/cultural differences

2) Solutions

  • *Use please and thank yous as much as possible
  • *Be clear and descriptive
  • *Use emojis to add clarity

Especially when working remote, consider how you communicate to ensure you are getting your message across. It’s not as easy as it sounds, even if it feels so. Take your time to gather information from the receiver of your message. Extra effort, articulation, or the like may be required. Attune to how they are receiving info and respond accordingly – thank yous, increased communication activity, emojis, until the point is clear.

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