You are currently viewing I was Accepted into a Masters of Sales Leadership Program…

I was Accepted into a Masters of Sales Leadership Program…

I WAS ACCEPTED into a masters in sales leadership program 🎓 in early March…

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My journey through the sales profession  is like many others I’ve heard:

  • *Knack for talking to people
  • *Graduated undergrad w/ a vague or different field of study
  • *First couple sales jobs rough
  • *Jaded, love/hate relationship w/ the profession
  • *Embarrassed to share with others I was in the profession because of its slimy background & deadbeat reputation

I rediscovered my passion for it after a 3 yr hiatus from my work life. I started Pereus Marketing & Superhuman Prospecting with a mission to bring trust back to the profession and marketplace.

I wanted to take a step further so went through the lengthy process of applying & finally getting accepted into the University of Toledo’s (UT) Executive Sales Leadership Masters Program (ESLM).

..I was to start this fall..

Until COVID hit.

The program has been cancelled for the fall & it would have been the inaugural class for the degree 😥.

I found out a couple months ago now & waited to share. I’m still very disappointed about it and was looking forward to earning stripes in a a field with such a low barrier to entry so I can help further it.

Even with the news, I still plan to get this done! There is a fight to formalize the sales profession that is too big to ignore. The profession of sales needs a voice after so many years of sin, shame, and under appreciation.

I’m looking for others out there willing to join the mission to:

  1. Formalize the sales profession
  2. Eliminate big sales egos and poor sales ethics, and
  3. Build trust with the marketplace scorned for so many years

My ask is this:

If anyone knows of similar masters program please share with me! While UT may open back up in the Spring, I have to keep looking. 

Looking forward to finding others interested in advancing the sales profession. I know you are out there!

Ryan P

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