Long-Term Client Secret

In Aug 2018, about 2 weeks after we finalized our new pricing in an effort to keep clients long term, we sold our deal, albeit small. This new pricing model would eventually triple our revenues and accelerate our growth to what it is now.


That client is still with us today.

We don’t get dozens of appointments each month.

It doesn’t always go smoothly.

Fires have been fought.

The CRM we were using and recommended shut down.

They asked to drop the contract size 9 months in.


They have been with us 19 months now. While it was a smaller amount, this has been some of the most valuable business we have ever generated.


Because it has fundamentally proven 2 key takeaways:

1) Our business model and confidence in our team to generate the desired result

2) Our ability to provide ultimate customer service and subject matter expertise to carry the relationship

What drives long term revenue growth where you are? We are about to take some big leaps of faith at Superhuman Prospecting, so would be curious about your success.

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