Outbound vs Inbound is like a Train vs a Ferrari

One of the most common issues we face with our clients is a misunderstanding of outbound prospecting vs inbound marketing ad injection. 

Inbound marketing via ads is like a Ferrari. You see the leads fast, but you can only carry few people max. 
Outbound prospecting is like a train. It starts very slow, but how many people can fit on a sold out train?

Many believe the process to find interested buyers will be fast and easy, and leads will drip in quickly. This is how some of their Google ads worked anyway. Someone called them and they were ready to buy. Sounds great, but there is a high cost and consistent quantity is limited.
Outbound prospecting takes much more to build but the formula is scalable. Cold calling is creating interest from zero awareness, zero trust, zero understanding of service, etc. All this work is done slowly through grit and consistent follow up, but once the train is moving the process can be duplicated and scaled at will. 
Understanding how outbound works can help us all appreciate and get better at the cold call process. From selecting the right target market, to market research identified on every call, to generating that warm lead, to taking good notes. The process is slow, but like a train, once it gets moving its hard to stop. 

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