The Best/Worst Compliment I’ve Received So Far as a Sales Pro & Business Owner

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Just two weeks ago I had an interesting conversation with a prospect who was interested in our outsourced, prospecting sales development services. I have been coincidentally reading (listening) to my first book by Grant Cardone, someone who I have a love/hate relationship with. Here is how the conversation went:

PROSPECT: “Oh wow, I really liked that pitch. Wait, are you the guy who worked for Grant Cardone?”

(I have no idea who he is talking about)

ME: “No, but thank you for thinking so I guess. I’m actually reading my first book Grant Cardone right now….

But anyway, I’m excited about the opportunity for us to be your outsourced, appointment setting team.

PROSPECT: “Great, we are too. We’ll get back to you when we are ready”

ME: “Awesome…However, I wouldn’t expect you to choose my team if I didn’t ask to set the next appointment with you to continue the conversation. Does Wed at 3pm work for you?”

PROSPECT: “Haha, touche. Yes, that works. We’ll talk to you then.”

I don’t know, would you want to be associated with Grant Cardone? I’m not sure.

I do respect the guy’s drive and gull, but damn, “Middle Class Sucks,” “Why does the ugly guy get the pretty girl, etc.” and other rhetoric. Dude, it’s not all money. People are middle class because their focus is on other things sometimes, not sales, sales, sales, business, business, business.

The human-to-human marketing and sales message resonates in 2018 because it uses EQ (Emotional Intelligence), patience, and trust that gives the buyer an enjoyable experience while outperforming the old school sales techniques that are pushy and aggressive.

Consider these word alternatives for sales people in the 21st Century:

  • Fierce, not harmful
  • Encouraging, not pushy
  • Assertive, not aggressive 
  • Selling the next step, not the sale

The 21st century buyer gets it. They are smart, aware, and are looking for more than a transaction. Value isn’t in the exchange of a commodity. It’s everything that happens from first contact to final delivery. Your prospects will notice how hard you will work for them when you work hard to sell them (Yes, this a Cardonism). 

Will you make the extra revision for them? Will you hang on the call with your client/customer the extra 5 minutes to give them everything? Human-to-human lead generation, marketing and sales isn’t just about the first sale, it’s about incessantly selling, or customer satisfaction. 

End of the day, aim to be perfect in everything in your business. That’s what human-to-human means. Treating anyone less than human is giving them less than the value they deserve. 

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