Major League Sales

MAJOR LEAGUE SALES!?: Does anyone else do more prospecting and selling than talking about prospecting and selling?

The sales talking heads sounds like Stephen A Smith or an English Premier League color commentator but we never get to see them play the sport!

You know what would be fun?

What if there were something like sales people sports cards or performance rankings for every industry or among company equivalents?

Instead of hearing thousands of sales opinions and inspirational quotes daily, I’d love to see how everyones’ sales opinions translate into stats. Sales is so broad and there is no unifying curriculum, so let the data show top performers.

-Calls/Appointment Conversion or Opportunity Conversion
-Appointments Set Per Week
-Appointment/Sales Conversion per Month for Transactional
-Opportunity/Sales Conversion per Quarter for Complex
-Largest Deal Size Relative to Peers
-Biggest Win
-Closing Stats
-Fastest Sales Cycle Rate
-Etc., etc.

Who is in to create Major League Sales?
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