The Issue with “ROI”

“You don’t have a spending problem…you have an income problem.”


I have said before a love/hate with Grant Cardone but for some reason some of his quotes stick with me stronger than others.


I have this quote ringing in my head from time to time. As an entrepreneur, I always think about cost. But then I think of the value the cost is providing. When I made the decision for a purchase, I was confident in it at the time, and the math made sense. However, when I get worried about finances, I frequently realize that time could have been spent looking around the next corner or figuring out how to ensure a stone doesn’t get left unturned in building more “top of line” growth.


While costs are extremely important, is ruminating about cost and ROI worth the time you could have spent on growth?

Frankly, I am still figuring it out, but this new question has popped in my mind more frequently since hearing this message from GC.


What are your thoughts?

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